Fountain, a W. county of Indiana, bounded W. by the Wabash river, and drained by Coal and other creeks; area, about 400 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 1(3,389. It is intersected by the Indianapolis. Bloomington, and Western, and the Toledo, Wabash, and Western railroads, and by the Wabash and Erie canal. It has a level surface, about a quarter of which is occupied by fine prairie land, while much of the remainder is covered with thick forests. The soil consists chiefly of a rich black loam. Coal and iron are obtained in large quantities. The chief productions in 1870 were 413,786 bushels of wheat, 574,42(3 of Indian corn, 59,681 of oats, 58,609 of potatoes, 10,679 tons of hay, 257,190 lbs. of butter, and 90,028 of wool. There were 0,578 horses, 3,977 milch cows, 6,972 other cattle, 26,389 sheep, and 23,300swine; 8 manufactories of carriages and wagons, 10 of barrels and casks, 2 of furniture, 7 of bricks, 2 of printing paper, 10 of saddlery and harness, 1 of woollen goods, 7 flour mills, 19 saw mills, 2 distilleries, 5 breweries, 4 tanneries, and 4 currying establishments.

Capital, Covington.