Fridericia, Or Frederiria, a town and fortress of Denmark, in the S. E. part of the province of Jutland, on the Little Belt; pop. in 1870, 7,186. The town has several sugar refineries, iron founderies, and other industrial establishments, and owns about 25 vessels. Until 1857 the navigation dues were collected here from vessels passing the Little Belt. In 1657 Fride-ricia was captured by the Swedes. In 1848 it was occupied by the Prussians, subsequently reoccupied by the Danes, and besieged by the Schleswig-Holstein troops. The latter were surprised on July 6, 1849, by the besieged, and forced to a speedy retreat, with heavy loss. In the war of 1864 Fridericia was bombarded by the Germans in March, and hastily evacuated by the Danes in April.