Frosinone (anc. Frusino), a town of Italy, formerly capital of a papal legation of the same name, now in the province and 48 m. E. S. E. of the city of Rome; pop. about 8,000. It contains several churches and convents and an episcopal palace; and near it are remains of a Roman amphitheatre. It is a favorite resort for artists on account of the picturesque dress of the women. Good wine is produced in the vicinity, wool is manufactured, and there are two annual fairs.-The ancient Frusino was originally a town of the Hernici in Latium, and subsequently a Roman colony, and long retained some prosperity, mainly on account of its situation on the Via Latina. The legation of Frosinone was styled the Tyrol of the pope, on account of its mountainous character and the simple habits of the people.