Fuchs, Or Fuchsias, Leonhard von, a German botanist, born at Wemdingen, Swabia, Jan. 17, 1501, died May 10, 1506. He studied at Erfurt and Ingolstadt, adopted the doctrines of Luther, became in 1520 professor of medicine at Ingolstadt, and in 1528 first physician to the margrave of Anspach, and held the chair of medicine at Tubingen from 1535 till his death. He was knighted by Charles V. He contributed much toward overthrowing the authority of the Arab physicians and restoring the Greeks to honor. As a botanist he corrected many current errors in the nomenclature of plants. An American plant, the fuchsia, bears his name. He wrote a number of medical and botanical works, of which the most important is De Historia Stirpium (fob, Basel, 1542).