George I., king of Greece, born in Copenhagen, Dec. 24,1845. He is the second son of Christian IX., king of Denmark, and brother of the princess of Wales. On June 6, 1863, he accepted the crown of Greece under the title of king of the Hellenes, relinquishing (Sept. 12) his rights of precedence in Denmark in favor of-his younger brother Walde-mar, and was permitted to remain a Lutheran on condition of his children being brought up in the Greek faith. In 1866 his sister the princess Dagmar married the Russian cezare-vitch; and on Oct. 27, 1867, he married the grand duchess Olga, a daughter of the grand duke Constantino and a niece of the reigning czar, who has borne him a son (Aug. 2, 1868), the crown prince Constantine, duke of Sparta, and three other children. The principal event of his reign was the Cretan insurrection of 1866-19, which led to serious complications with Turkey. (See Greece.)