Pierre Galin, a French musician, born in 1786, died in Paris about 1822. He studied and taught mathematics at Bordeaux, and the application of this science to music led him to the invention of a new method of teaching the latter art, mainly consisting in separating the study of tone from that of measure. He called his system le meloplaste, and explained it in his Exposition d'une nouvelle methode pour Venseignement de la musique (Bordeaux, 1818). He resided in Paris from 1819 to the time of his premature death, engaged in teaching and lecturing upon his method. This has been adopted to some extent in Europe and in the United States, under the name of that of Galin-Cheve-Paris. His pupils Edouard Jue, Aime Lemoine, M. de Geslin, and Aime Paris successively published works on the subject (1821-'35).