William D Gallagher., an American journalist and poet, born in Philadelphia in August, 1808. He went in 1816 to Cincinnati, where in 1825 he entered the printing office of a newspaper. He wrote occasionally for the press, and became editor successively of the"Backwoodsman" at Xenia, O. (1830), the Cincinnati Mirror (1831), the Western Literary Journal and Monthly Review (1836), the Hesperian, a Monthly Miscellany of General Literature" (1838), and in 1839 associate editor of the Cincinnati Gazette," in which position he remained till 1850. He published three small volumes of poetry (1835-'7), each entitled "Erato," the principal pieces in which are"The Penitent,"The Conqueror," and " Cadwallen." In 1841 he published a volume of "Selections from the Poetical Literature of the West," and in 1846 a select edition of his poems.When Thomas Corwin became secretary of the treasury in 1850, Mr. Gallagher accompanied him to Washington as his confidential clerk. In 1853 he removed to Louisville, Ky., and became one of the editors of the "Daily Courier." He afterward took up his residence on a farm near the city, and employed himself in writing on agriculture.

During the civil war he was again in the service of the treasury department.