ss. {Semissis). Half.

iss (Sesqui). One and a half.

A. aa. (ana, utrlusque). Of each. Abdom. Abdomen.

Abs. Febr. {Absente febre). In the absence of fever.

Ad. or Add {Adde or Addator). Add, or let there be added.

Ad Lib. {Ad libitum). At pleasure.

Altern. Hor. {Alternis horis). Every other hour.

Aq. {Aqua). Water.

Aq. Bull. {Aqua Bulliens). Boiling Water.

Aq. Conm. {Aqua Communis). Common water.

Aq. Ferv. {Aqua /ervens). Hot water.

Aq. Font. {Aquafontis). Spring water.

B. A, {Balneum Arence). A sand bath. Bib. {Bibe). Drink.

Bis Ind. {Bis indies). Twice daily. Bol. {Bolus). A large pill. Bull. {Bulliat). Let it boil.

B. V. {Balneum vaporis). A vapor bath. Cap. (Capiat). Let him take.

Chart. {Chartula). A small paper. Cochl. {Cochleare). A spoonful. Col. {Cola). Strain. Collyr. {Collyrium). An eye water. Comp. {Compositus). Compound.

C. or Cong. {Congius). A gallon. Coq. {Coque). Boil.

Cort. {Cortex). Bark.

C. M. {Cras Mane). To-morrow morning.

C. N. {Cras Nocte). To-morrow night. Crast. (Crastinus). For to-morrow.

D. (Detur). Let it be given. Decub. (Dtcubitus). Lying down.

De D. in D. (De die in diem). From day to day.

Dig. (Digeratur). Let it be digested.

Dil. (Dilutus). Dilute.

Dim. (Dimidius). One-half.

Div. {Divide) Divide.

Enem. {Enema). A clyster.

Abbreviations, Etc. - Continued F. (Fiat). Let it be made. F. Pil. (Fiat pilula). Make into a pill. Feb. Dur. (Febre durante). During the fever. Fl. (Fluidus) Fluid. Gr. (Granmn). A grain. Gt. (Gutta). A drop. Gtt. (Guttoe). Drops. Guttat. (Guttatim). By drops. Hor. Decub. (Hora decubitus). At bedtime. Lb. and Lib. (Libra). A pound weight. Liq. Liquor. M. (Misce). Mix. Man. (Minipulus). A handful. Mic. Pan. (Mica Panis). Crumb of bread. Min. (Minimum). The sixtieth part of a drachm by measure. Mist. (Mistura). A mixture. Muc. (Mucilago). Mucilage.

0. (Octarius). A pint.

01. (Oleum). Oil.

Omn. Hor. (Omni hora). Every hour.

Omn. Man. (Omni Mane). Every morning.

Omn. Nocte. Every night.

Oz. (Uncia). An ounce.

P. M. (Partes Equates). Equal parts.

Pil. (Pilula). A pill.

P. R. N. (Pro re nata). As occasion may require,

Pulv. (Pulvis). A powder.

Q. S. (Quantum suflicit). As much as is sufficient.

Rad. (Radix). Root.

Rep. (Repetatur). Let it be repeated.

S. (Signa). Write.

S. A. (Secundum Artem). According to art.

Sem. (Semen). Seed.

Si Non Val. (Si non valeat). If it does not answer.

Si Op. Sit. (Si opus sit). If there be need.

Sig. (Sigulorum). Of each.

Solv. (Solve). Dissolve.

Sp. (Spiritus). Spirit.

Sum. (Sumat). Let him take.

Sp. Vin. (Spiritus vini). Spirit of wine.

Syr. (Syrupus). Syrup.

Tr. Tinet. (Tinctura). Tincture.

V. S. ( Vena sectio). Venesection.