Immediately on discovering that poison has been swallowed, send for a physician with all possible haste. Until his arrival, the treat ment should either be with a view to removing the poison by an emetic or neutralizing its effects by an antidote.


Ground mustard, a tablespoonful in a tumbler of warm water, is an emetic usually quickly procured. Give the patient one-fourth of it at once, and follow with a cup of warm water. Repeat the dose every minute or two until vomiting takes place. Give moderately warm water freely. Mustard has a special value in most cases where an emetic is needed, as it is also stimulating in its effects. Common salt is also used as an emetic, a teacup of water with as much salt as the water will dissolve, being given every few moments until vomiting occurs.

Tickling the throat with a feather, or with the finger, is a valuable aid to the action of an emetic. After vomiting takes place, the white of eggs in warm water, warm milk, gum arabic water, or flour and water, may be given to further cleanse the stomach and to soothe the irritated mucous membrane.


The following table gives the common poisons and suggestions as to the treatmeut for each poison, and together with the above, may be of assistance until the arrival of a physician.

Acids (mineral). - Chalk, magnesia (plaster off wall), solution of cooking soda, or saleratus; then barley water, linseed tea, or olive oil.

Aconite. - Emetics, stimulants external and internal.

Antimony. - Strong tea in large quantities.

Aqua Fortis. - Same as acid, mineral.

Arsenic. - Give milk in large quantities, or the white of eggs, or flour and water; follow with stimulants.

Argenti Nit. - Large teaspoonful of salt in cup of water, repeat in ten minutes; then give castor oil and linseed tea or barley water.

Bad Fish or Other Food. - Emetics; then a large dose of castor oil with some warm spice, mustard plaster to pit of stomach if necessary.

Bedbug Poison. - Same as corrosive sublimate.

Blue Vitriol. - Same as cupri sulph. and copper.

Cannabis Indica. - Hot Brandy and water, lemon juice, vegetable acids, vinegar. Allow patient to sleep, blister to nape of neck.

Cantharides. - Emetics, followed by barley water, flax-seed tea, or other soothing drinks.

Carbolic Acid. - Give flour and water, or glutinous drinks.

Caustic Potash. - Same as Potash.

Caustic Soda. - Same as Potash.

Chlorine Water. - Albumen (white of egg) milk, flour.

Chloroform. - Pour cold water over the head and face (get the head as low as possible), excite respiration, artificial galvanic battery.

Chloride of Tin. - Milk in large quantities with magnesia, chalk, or whiting in it; raw eggs beaten up with water or milk.

Chloral Hydrate. - Same as Chloroform.

Chloride of Zinc. - Milk with white of eggs in it. Large doses.

Cobalt. - Same as arsenic.

Carbonate of Soda. - Prompt emetic, soap or mucilaginous drinks.

Bi-Carbonate of Potassa. - Magnesia or soap, dissolved in water, every two minutes.

Colchieum. - Emetics, then barley water, linseed tea, etc. If stupor (coma) be present, give brandy, coffee, ammonia.

Conium. - Emetics, followed by stimulants externally and internally.

Copper. - Milk and white of eggs ; large quantities ; then strong tea. Don't give vinegar:

Copperas. - Emetics, and same as carbonate of soda.

Corrosive Sublimate. - White of eggs in a little water. Repeat dose at intervals of two or three minutes until patient vomits. Use milk or flour and water if you can't get eggs.

Croton Oil. - Emetics, then flaxseed tea, gum arabic water, slippery elm, etc.

Cupri Sulph. - Same as copper.

Cyanide of Potassium. - Same as prussic acid.

Digitalis. - Emetic, keep the patient lying down. Stimulants externally and internally.

Fowler's Solution. - Same as arsenic.

Haschisch. - Same as Cannabis Indica.

Hemlock. - Same as conium.

Henbane. - Same as hyoscyamus.

Hyoscyamus. - Emetics, lemon juice, stimulants, external and internal.

Hydrocyanic Acid. - Fresh air and artificial respiration with dashes of cold water.

Indelible Ink. - Some as argenti nit.

Indian Hemp. - Same as Cannabis Indica.

Iodine. - Emetics, starch or flour in water, barley water or other demulcent drinks.

Ivy Poisoning. - Apply soft soap freely to the affectedparts; or bathe the poisoned skin frequently with a weak tincture of belladonna.

Laudanum. - Same as opium.

Lead. - Two ounces of Epsom salts in a pint of water, wineglass full every ten minutes until it operates freely. Afterward milk.

Lead Salts. - Same as lead.

Lead Water. - Same as lead.

Lobelia. - Stimulants externally and internally.

Lunar Caustic. - Same as argenti nit.

Lye. - Same as potash.

Mercury. - Same as corrosive sublimate.

Mineral Acid. - Same as acid, mineral.

Morphia. - Same as opium.

Muriatic Acid. - Same as acids, mineral.

Nitrate of Silver. - Same as argenti nit.

Nitre. - Same as saltpetre.

Nitric Acid. - Same as acids, mineral.

Nux Vomica. - Emetics, artificial respiration, linseed tea or barley-water; to an adult 30 drops of laudanum to relieve the spasms.

Oil of Bitter Almond. - Same as prussic acid.

Oil of Vitriol. - Same as r eids, mineral.

Opium. - Emetics (10 grains of sulphate of copper if possible); after vomiting, which must be induced quickly, give plenty of strong coffee with brandy, put mustard plasters around calves of legs; keep patient aroused by walking around, dashing cold water in face, beating soles of feet or whipping body with towels wrung out in cold water. If the patient is allowed to go to sleep before the effect of the opium has passed off death will result.

Oxalic Acid. - Same as acids, mineral.

Paregoric. - Same as opium.

Paris Green. - Same as arsenic.

Phosphorus. - Emetics, large quantitiesof tepid water, with magnesia, chalk, whiting, or even flour stirred in it.

Potash. - Vinegar and water, oranges, lemons, sour beer, cider or sour fruit; then give oil, linseed or olive.

Prussic Acid. - Sal-volatile and water; apply smelling salts to nostrils; dash cold water in face; give stimulants.

Ratsbane. - Same as arsenic.

Red Precipitate. - Same as corrosive sublimate.

Red Lead. - Same as lead.

"Rough on Rats". - Same as arsenic.

Saltpetre. - Flour and water in large doses; linseed or sweet oil. Salts of Tin. - Milk in large quantities. Spanish Fly. - Same as Cantharides. Spirits of Salts. - Same as acids, mineral. Strychnine. - Same as nux vomica. Sugar of Lead. - Same as lead. Sulphuric Acid. - Same as acids, mineral. Sulphate of Zinc. - Same as zinc salts. Tartar Emetic. - Same as antimony. Tartarized Antimony. - Same as antimony. Tobacco Emetics. - Stimulants external and internal. Verdigris. - Same as copper. Vermilion. - Same as corrosive sublimate. Volatile Alkali. - Same as potash. White Precipitate. - Same as arsenic. White Vitriol. - Same as zinc salts.

Zinc Salts. - Give milk with white of eggs, freely, afterward warm barley-water or linseed tea.

To Stop Vomiting Drink freely of hot water, just as hot as can be borne.

Rattlesnake Bites

Whiskey is supposed to be the great cure-all. Give enough to cause intoxication.

Mad Dog Bites

See a physician at once if possible, or apply caustic potash at once to the wound. Give enough whiskey to cause sleep.

Cat Bites

Apply fat salt pork to the wound for a day or two, or until all the poison is all extracted.

Bites and Stings of Insects

Wash with a solution of water of ammonia.