It was authorized to be coined, Act of Congress, April 2, 1792. Weight, 416 grains standard silver; fineness, 892.4; equivalent to 37l 1/4 grains of fine silver, with 44f grains alloy of pure copper. Weight changed by Act of Congress January 18, 1837, to 412 1/2 grains, and fineness changed to 900, preserving the same amount of pure silver, equivalent to 37l 1/4 grains with 1/16 alloy.

Coinage discontinued by Act of Congress, February 12, 1873.

Total amount coined from 1792 to 1873 was $8,045,838.

Coinage revived, two millions per month required to bo coined, and issue made legal tender for all debts, public and private, Act of Congress February 28, 1878. Total amount coined from February 28, 1878 to November 1, 1885, was $213,257,594.