One pound of paint will cover about four superficial yards the first coat and about six yards each additional coat.

About one pound of putty for stopping, will be required for every twenty yards.

One gallon of tar and one pound of pitch will cover about twelve yards of superficial the first coat, and about seventeen yards each additional coat.

White Paint

20 pounds white lead, 6 pints linseed oil, 2 pints turpentine and 1 pound litharge, will cover about 100 square yards.

Black Paint 28 pounds black paint, 10 pints linseed oil, 2 pints turpentine, and 1 pound litharge will cover about 160 square yards.


112 pounds whiting, 28 pounds dry white lead, and 7 pounds glue, mixed with boiling water.


A square of slate or slating is 100 superficial feet.

In measuring, the width of the eaves is allowed at the widest part. Hips, valleys, and cutting are to be measured lineal, and six inches width extra is allowed.

The pitch of a slate roof should not be less than one inch height to four inches in length.