The human family living to-day consists of about 1,450,000,000 individuals. In Asia, where man was first planted there are now about 800,000,000 souls, on an average 120 to the square mile. In Europe there are about 320,000,000 souls, averaging 100 to the square mile. In Africa there are about 210,000,000. In America, North and South, there are about 110,000,000, relatively thinly scattered and recent. In the islands, large and small, are probably 10,000,000 souls. The extremes of the white and black are five to three, the remaining 700,-000,000 intermediate brown and tawny. Of the human race 500,000,000 are well clothed, that is wear garments of some kinds and live in houses partly furnished with the appointments of civilization; 700,000,000 are semi-clothed, living in huts and caves with no furnishing; 250,000,000 are practically naked, having nothing that can be called a home, are barbarous and savage. The range is from the topmost round - the Anglo-Saxon civilization, which is the highest known - down to naked savagery. The portion of the race lying below the line of human condition is at the very least three-fifths of the whole or 900,000,000. All the people now living in the world, say 1,450,000,000, could find standing room within the limits of a field 100 miles square. In a field 200 miles square they could all be comfortably seated.