From one ton of ordinary gas coal may be produced 1,500 pounds of coke, 20 gallons of ammonia water, and 140 pounds of coal tar.

By destructive distillation the coal tar will yield 69.6 pounds of pitch, 17 pounds of creosote, 14 pounds heavy oils, 9.5 pounds of naphtha yellow, 6.3 pounds of naphthaline, 4.75 pounds of naphthol, 2.25 pounds of alazarin, 2.4 pounds of solvent naphtha, 1.5 pounds of phenol, 1.2 pounds of aurine, 1.1 pounds of benzine, 1.1 pounds of analine, 0.77 of a pound of toluidine, 0.46 of a pound of anthracine and 0.9 of a pound of toluene. From the latter is obtained the new substance known as saccharine, which is 230 times as sweet as the best cane sugar, one part of it giving a very sweet taste to a thousand parts of water. .