The retailers all over the country are always ready to supply the necessary aprons and proper fabrics for gowns for the canning season. Many a lady who seldom finds time to enter into the hardships of housekeeping, just "pitches in" during the canning season. It is taking time by the forelock simply to suggest that in this feature there is a grand opportunity for a realistic window display. Any retailer having a window large enough can have it transformed into a representative kitchen, and, by the aid of one or two attractive young ladies, can capture the town.

Those who may not have a window space large enough may call attention to the time and season by the use of fruits of different kinds and aprons. A window display of aprons, which are proper for such a time, and the arrangement of fruit in baskets and about the floor will be a change from old ways. These breaks from the regular and beaten paths you have followed in window decoration will make those trims which follow more effective.