To make a display of these goods it is desirable to use table covers and napkins that match, or at least nearly so. In the center of the window place a small dinner table, and arrange the table cloth and napkins as for "setting" a table. Line the background of the window with rows of tapes about six inches apart, on which pin napkins, every other row in colors. This will form itself into a solid background of napkins. Tile the floor by the use of white napkins and Turkey red doylies alternatiag as in a checker-board. This will lend to the floor of the window an appearance of a tiled dining-room floor, thus completing the design.

In the back of window is a mirror. In the center is a drum covered with white silk; upon this is a circular board two feet in diameter; then another drum and a circular board, the latter being but eighteen inches in diameter. The sides are decorated with jet ornaments on cards and astrakhan dress trimming.