Line the sides of the window with light blue cambric, and over this festoon wide lace from top to bottom. Festoons of lace are draped from the top of the window across the entire length and brought to the center. For the back of window take laces and drape the entire length, hanging loosely, and bring them together in the center to form the shape of an hour glass To make the fountain: Take the center of the window and fasten to the floor an upright stout beam of scantling. About eight inches from the base of the window tie to the beam a large barrel hoop; then, with cheap cloth, tack to the floor, beginning from the center of the beam, and draw tightly to the outside of the hoop and cover with colored cambric. This will form the basin of the fountain. Take Hamburg edgings and form around basin in various shades to simulate rocks, and scatter loosely over them draper-es of green or colored laces. Light blue cambric may be thrown loosely iaround the interior of the basin to give the effect of water. Four feet from the floor tie a much smaller hoop to the beam and pin blue cambric to it. Pin wide lace around the entire hoop and allow the folds of lace to drop loosely into basin. To give it more effect a statue can be produced and placed inside center of basin, first hoop resting on the statue's head. At a distance of two or three feet tie two other hoops to beam still smaller than the first. Pin cambric around the hoops, bring together and tack to the beam; then, with lace form the same effect as before. Pin lace in straight folds around the hoop. Allow it to drape to the first hoop. To secure a good effect, take stout wire, bend out of the basin and run the lace over the wire, draping to basin. Any number of basins can be made, according to the height of the window. As the basins gradually ascend, the laces should gradually diminish in width; as, for example, the hoop near base should be draped with wide lace; at the extreme top of the beam put very narrow lace and allow it to hang loosely.