A beautiful window during Easter-tide is formed by imitating a pipe organ of ribbons. The background, side wall and surroundings for this display should be of white lace curtains, or other light colored material arranged in such manner as the fancy and good taste of the trimmer may suggest. The display proper consists of the reproduction of a large pipe organ, the size of same being 54 inches wide, 15 inches deep and 96 inches in height. The frame is made from two ordinary dry goods boxes cut down to proper dimensions, the scroll work of heavy card board, and the pipes of ordinary carpet or building paper. For covering frame, ribbons varying in width from Nos. 1 to 22 may be used. For winding pipes use No. 9 ribbon—and for covering bottoms of pipes use gilt paper. The keys may be made as follows: First, cover key-board with plain white oil-cloth and outline with black paint and you have your white keys. The black keys may be cut out of wood and painted. The stops may be made by using wood button moulds painted black and pearl buttons of a smaller size for center. Borrow or make an organ stool, and cover and drape it with ribbons. If a large doll can be procured have her seated on stool in front of organ as if playing. Perhaps to many trimmers this display may seem difficult to make; is is, on the contrary, no more difficult than any good display of ribbons would be, while in effect it is surprisingly beautiful and will certainly attract more attention and draw more trade than any ordinary ribbon display.