In the background of window drape dark colored dress goods plainly. Across these weave No. 9 bright colored ribbon in sqares of about a foot each. In front of this three curtain poles are hung about fifteen inches apart, and each about one foot higher than the other. The first pole should not be farther than fifteen inches from the glass. Another curtain pole is now hung across the top of the window, six inches from the glass, and from it a pair of lace curtains are hung and draped down close to the sides until it reaches the bottom of the window. Attached to the rings of the three center curtain poles are small notions, kerchiefs, pocketbooks. On the floor of the window a small pyramid of boxes is made, covered with small rugs or bright flowered stuff. On the edges of the pyramid a variety of articles can be displayed. By exercising care to harmonize the colors properly a very charming effect may be produced.