Stuff. A term applied in England, and to some extent in the United States, to any woven textile, whether cotton, hair, silk, linen or wool; but more especially denoting those fabrics made of worsted, or long, combing wool, such as merinos, camlets, shalloons, and tammies. Stuffs are distinguished from ivooleji cloths by the absence of any nap or pile, and having little or no tendency to shrink when damp, nor to felt in the process of weaving. Stuffs are woven either plain or twilled, with spots and designs of various kinds, but in all the thread is laid bare, the superfluous fibers of wool being singed off by means of a red-hot iron. After the operations of weaving and singeing, they are tightly rolled, soaked in hot water and boiled, fulled or milled, and the moisture pressed out between rollers.