From the back of the window, near the top, hang a half hoop—so that the outer edge of the semi-circle will reach within a foot of the glass, the ends of the hoop being attached to a piece of wood running from one side of the window to the other at its back. From this semi-circular hoop drape in graceful folds goods of rather a light shade, caught back at the bottom so as to leave the entire base of the window free and unobstructed. The goods must now be brought together at the front of the hoop. The back of the draped space may be hung with any kind of goods it is desired to show, or may be left open at the upper portion. From the outer edges of the hoop drape again goods of a darker color, giving the effect of a lambrequin over curtains. Around the base of the window and under the arch of the drapery may be carelessly laid small bits of goods of an attractive appearance, such as gloves and buttons.