A very tasteful trim may be formed of dress goods arranged to imitate a huge vase or goblet. The vase is formed by taking several pieces of goods with light designs and crumpling them loosely so as to form a billowy bottom. In the center is an upright scantling six feet high and nailed on its top with a round board three feet in diameter. To the top of this board is attached the ends of several pieces of dress goods of corresponding shades, the material being fulled considerably. Three feet from the bottom the hanging folds of goods are caught up and drawn in to the upright so as to form a bell-shapped cavity. The folds should be drawn down tightly, the fullness being forced into pleats at the base. Care must be taken not to allow the goods to sag too much in forming the bowl of the design. This, as the trimmer who has carefully followed the description will very readily see, forms a gigantic vase or goblet, and while it requires but little labor to prepare it, is very effective. Artificial flowers adorn its top. The back and sides of the window space may be hung with darker stuffs up to a height equal to that of the vase, forming a background that will bring the latter into stronger relief.