To drape dress goods in a window where there are no " forms," take a square board, say twenty by twenty, and nail a small strip at back for support, allowing it to slant slightly. With a dress pattern, place a length over the board. Bring the rest of the goods at back. Then pleat a number of folds, about one-quarter of a yard to each pleat, and pin at corner in front of board. Catch up one of the folds at the other corner of the board, and place the remaining goods at back, out of sight. Three dress patterns in front, and three at the back elevated on platform will make an imposing show. The sides and back of window drape with plaids and stripes.

The entire window is hung- with some handsome goods of any color or material preferred, and is caught back with broad bows of ribbon in the manner shown. The corners are decorated with half opened fans. Through the diamond-shaped opening a plain white background appears, upon which is arranged three fans in the shape of a circle, and around which gloves are arranged as seen in the illustration. If white fans are used, very-light colored kid gloves should be used, and vice versa.