The "properties" required for this scene are a pole, a small buggy-wheel, a few short pieces of wood, and a well assorted lot of dry goods. The pole should be covered with strips of colored muslin wound round it in the manner of a May-pole. It should be small enough at the thin end to admit of its being passed through the hub of the wheel until about eighteen inches of it projects on the top side. On the lower part of the pole, nail some short pieces of wood also covered with colored material, upon which to hang the latest thing in hats, bonnets, lace, etc. Before placing the framework of the tent in position cover the bottom of the window loosely with some green cloth, placing balls of paper or something else of an equally inexpensive character underneath it in order to give the undulated effect of growing grass. After fixing the pole and wheel cover them with some delicate shade of plain goods for the interior lining of the tent, and place pieces of summer dress goods of bright and striking colors on the outside, then drape the opening at the front, tying it back with ribbons and arrange the show of goods on the cross-pieces inside and on the floor as shown in the design. To increase the effect open out one or two parasols and place on the ground outside the tent, also a few fans, gloves, etc. But do not crowd up the show too much or the effect will be lost. Any merchant who undertakes to carry out this idea carefully will be pleased, and what is still more important he will please his customers.