Cony Fur (Co'-Ny). The fur of rabbits and other burrowing animals, used for making felt for hats, and also in the manufacture of a cheap grade of fur caps. [See Fur] In the 17th century the Mexicans made many beautiful cloths out of cotton and cony fur which they exported to England. The Abbe Clavigoro in his History of Mexico says : " They wove their cloths of different figures and colours, representing different animals and flowers, which were as delicate and fine as those of Holland. Of feathers interwoven with cotton they made mantles and bed curtains, carpets, gowns, and other things, not less soft and beautiful. With cotton they also interwove the finest hair of the belly of rabbits and hares, after having made and spun it into thread ; of this they made beautiful cloths, and in particular winter waistcoats for the lords."