Corkscrew Worsted. [So-called from its fancied resemblance to the twists of a corkscrew] A particular weave which has for several years been extensively employed in the manufacture of "worsted" goods, more especially in cloths intended for men's clothing. The prolonged duration and success of the corkscrew pattern has had but few parallels in the history of cloth manufacture, though, at present, clay worsted and cheviot are fast driving it out of popular favor. The structure of the ordinary class of corkscrew worsted is based on the sateen-twill principle. It is predicted that the time is not far distant when fickle fashion will cease entirely to smile on this particular weave, and then they will have had their run-together with broadcloth and doeskin, they will exist only as memories of things that have been. [See Worsted, Woolen]