The above design is one which can be carried out with no greater expense than that of a few hours' labor. The columns or pillars can be made out of stout strawboard or pasteboard, bent into cylindrical form and fastened, or they may be sewed or tied. When made, the pillars should be tightly stuffed with paper to give them solidity, and are then ready for use. Wind the pillars spirally with dress goods, (just as the strips wind on a barber's pole,) leaving some material loose at the top, which can be arranged as in the cut. Cover the floor of the window with similar goods, picked up (as in the cut) to avoid flatness. The top of the window may be curtained with lace and the sides dressed with pocket handkerchiefs. Good taste in the choice of materials, and the use of colors in combination or contrast, will make a window dressed in this style, a great attraction.