Use a white flannel or broadcloth to cover the floor of window and background. Right in the center place a good-sixed white or light cream jardiniere. Now, make a bunch of calla lilies; that is, take ten pieces of bamboo that are light enough to bend gracefully with the weight of the open lily, made of handkerchiefs. Cover the bamboo with green cambric of the color of a lily stem, or as near that as- possible. Take eight or ten handkerchiefs and fold them so that by lapping them together you make the petal, and then use a bright, yet soft-colored-yellow silk handkerchief wound around a quill for the pistil. Bind the stem ends to a block, and then place same in the jardiniere. Tie the bunch with a ribbon, making the effect of lilies graceful as they spread. Have a large bow with the ends making streamers which will fall gracefully about the jardiniere to the floor. Be sure and have the stems of lilies look in proportion.