To make a neat handkerchief display, cover the side of window well with blue cambric; then pin on white and colored border, in diamond shape, so arranging them that every other handkerchief has a colored border; cover the entire wall. Now about nine inches on each side near the window pane, suspend tapes from ceiling to floor and pin on your handkerchief; about eighteen inches from each side run a tape and arrange as before. The floor may be displayed with boxes of handkerchiefs, the borders merely turned over. For the back-ground drape a pair of lace curtains; a very simple way to display articles is to run a piece of scantling on each side of window, from floor near window pane to back at ceiling, and run strips across merely tying to a screw-eye at proper distance apart; on this frame may be displayed underwear, each row a color by itself: this may be changed to hosiery or such articles on the light weight color.