It is always in order to impress on the first customer, if a lady, that you wish to show her everything, and fully satisfy her, and while you are doing same, the question to waiting customer, "What will you like, please?" will give you the chance to make No. 2 feel she has been recognized, and will receive attention soon. You must always return to No 1, and if anything is wanted which you have not already shown, when you go to shelves for that, you have a good chance also to take out the box containing something for No. 2 to be looked over.

To duplicate this trim requires but little explanation. The most important point lies in the selection of harmonious color combinations, rules for which will be found on Pages 474 to 481.

Now, having both interested, you have a chance to settle matters with No. 1, and while making her check, speak a word of explanation of stock already shown to No. 2, and others you will show at once. Thus, it is the fitting-in of every move that counts.

After No. 1 is served and waiting for change or package, always say: "Excuse me." This delicate touch of politeness and no show of peevishness will make your contact with 1,2, and 3 satisfactory to all, and be fruitful of gaining time and promptly attending to all customers. It is rarely safe to go by a fellow-clerk to wait on No. 2, as it will have too much of the appearance of inattention and haste to be rid of No. 1.

Always bear in mind No. 1 has the strongest claim to your best service, and you only notice No. 2 to keep her from being nervous about having time to get all her things.