First—Be ready to receive customers with a gracious, cordial and friendly address; not too forward, but in a quiet, easy manner cause your customer to feel that he has come to the right place and in the right time. Do not be backward in introducing business, but in carefully, delicately chosen words find as soon as possible, the wants, wishes or requirements of your customers.

Second—Never, under any circumstances, assume to know the business of your customers better than they do; seek in every way to build up pride in your customer as well as maintaining a dignified amount of genuine pride yourself as a salesman. It matters not how well you can judge, you will many times be mistaken as to the final result if you place much reliance on the appearance of your customer.

Third—Treat your customer with respect, in fact, honor him in every way possible, since he has honored you by calling.

Fourth—Use diligence and perserverance in showing goods and their merits in a scientific manner; also at the same time humoring your customer until you have gained so much of his confidence that he will tell you just what he wishes; or he may allow, at this juncture, a selection to be made for him as to style, color, etc.

Fifth—Then the crowning point is to fill the bill with a true artist's eye and sober, candid judgment. Fill the bill to the very letter, or to the very best of your ability, as to quality and price, for future sales are at stake.

In conclusion—Thus with frankness, honesty and uprightness in every particular, with native ready wit to adapt itself to the wants of each individual customer, the ambitious salesman will have gained lasting customers, well satisfied, as well as the reward of having sold far more than at the commencement he had anticipated.