Tartan. A woolen or worsted cloth woven of different colors crossing each other at right angels, so as to form a definite pattern. This variegated cloth was formerly the distinctive dress of the Scottish Highlanders, the different clans having each its peculiar tartan, or plaid. More recently fancy tartans of various sorts of fabrics and with great variety in the patterns have been largely manufactured, especially for women's dresses. A clan tartan signifies the specific variety of tartan dress worn by a Highland clan. Shepards tartan is a woolen cloth made into small checkers of black and white; also called Shepard's plaid. Silk tartan is a silk material for women's dresses and men's fancy vests, woven in the style of the Scottish clan tartans. Tartan velvet is the term sometimes applied to velvet with a short nap, woven in patterns resembling Scottish tartans. This material has been fashioned for waistcoats and other wearing apparel at different times. [See Clan Tartan]