1145. Lotion of Bichloride of Mercury

1145.    Lotion of Bichloride of Mercury. Take corrosive sublimate (in coarse powder), 10 grains avoirdupois; distilled water 1 Imperial pint; agitate them together until solution be complete. The addition of 5 or 6 grains hydrochlorate of ammonia (pure sal-ammoniac) or 5 or 6 drops (not more) hydrochloric acid, increases the solvent action of the water, and renders the preparation less liable to suffer change, but is not otherwise advantageous. When absolutely pure distilled water is not used, this addition of acid should be made to prevent decomposition. Some persons dissolve the sublimate m 2 or 3 fluid drachms rectified spirit before adding the water, to facilitate the process; but this also, though convenient, is unnecessary. Apart from its value as a cosmetic, the above lotion is an excellent application in a variety of obstinate eruptions, and in obstinate sores and glandular swellings and indurations of a minor character; the first of which it seldom fails to relieve, provided the bowels and diet be carefully attended to, and sufficient exercise be taken daily. Ordinary mild cases of itch rapidly disappear under its use. The addition of about 1 ounce pure glycerine converts it into a lotion admirably adapted to allay itching and irritation generally, as well as into one of the best cosmetic washes known. For the latter purpose, a little pure rose water or orange-flower water may be added, at will, to give it fragrance; a like quantity of distilled water, in the case of any of the above additions, being omitted.

1146. Eau de Beauté

1146.     Eau de Beauté. Bichloride of mercury (corrosive sublimate), 8 grains; camphor, 10 grains; sulphate of zinc, and solution of lead (liquor of acetate of lead), each 2 scruples; rose water 51/4 ounces; and the yolk of a small egg. This mixture is regularly in use by Creole ladies for beautifying their skin.

1147. Glycerine Lotion

1147.    Glycerine Lotion. Take Price's glycerine, 1 ounce, and distilled or pure soft water, 19 ounces ; mix. A good strength for daily use as a cosmetic wash, or as a vehicle for other ingredients, for which purpose it is greatly preferable to milk of almonds; also as a lotion to allay itching and irritation of the skin, prevent chaps, excoriations, the effects of weather, climate, etc.. It is likewise applied to the hair instead of oil.

1148. Glycerine Lotion No

1148.   Glycerine Lotion No. 2. Take of Price's glycerine, 1 ounce, and distilled water, 17 ounces; mix. A proper strength when more marked effects are desired; as in chapped hands, lips, and nipples, obstinate excoriations, abrasions, chafings, sunburns, persistent roughness or hardness of the skin, etc..

1149. Glycerine Lotion No

1149.    Glycerine Lotion No. 3. Take of Price's glycerine, 3 ounces; water, 17 ounces; mix. This is adapted for use in obstinate cases, or when still more rapid effects are desired; also as an application to burns and scalds.