1139. Crème de Pistache

1139.    Crème de Pistache. Pistachio nuts, 3 ounces; green oil, palm soap, wax, and spermaceti, each 1 ounce; orange-flower water, 31/4 pints; essence of neroli, 12 ounces; make as directed for the preceding milks.

1140. Milk of Roses

1140.    Milk of Roses. Place over a water-bath, oil soap, 1 ounce; and melt it in 5 or 6 ounces rose-water; then add white wax and spermaceti, 1 ounce, and continue the heat until they have melted. Next take 1 pound blanched almonds, beat them to a meal in a clean marble mortar, with 31/2 pints rose-water, admitted portionwise, during the trituration. (See No. 43 (To Prepare Emulsions).) The emulsion of almonds, thus made, is to be strained without pressure through washed white muslin, and run very slowly into the previously formed soap-mixture; the whole being blended at the same time by energetic trituration. Towards the end of this operation, 2 drachms attar of rose, dissolved in 8 ounces inodorous alcohol, are to he let into the mixture very gradually, and in a thin stream, during constant rubbing of the mass. This cautious manipulation is indispensable to the smoothness and perfection of the milk. (See No. 43.) The last operation is to strain; and, after the liquid has had a day's repose, to bottle it. This is a highly esteemed cosmetic for the skin and complexion. Milk of cucumbers may be made in the same manner as milk of roses, by substituting juice of cucumbers for rose-water.

1141. Lotion for Freckles

1141.      Lotion for Freckles. Take bichloride of mercury, 6 grains avoirdupois ; pure hydrochloric acid, specific gravity 1.16, 1 Imperial fluid drachm; distilled water, 1/4 pint; mix, and add rectified spirit and eau de rose, each 2 fluid ounces; Price's glycerine, 1 ounce.

1142. Lotion to Remove Freckles

1142.    Lotion to Remove Freckles. Dissolve 3 grains borax in 5 drachms each rose-water, and orange-flower water; a very simple and harmless remedy is equal parts of pure glycerine and rose-water, applied every night, and allowed to dry.

1143. Iodine Lotion for Eruptions of the Skin

1143.    Iodine Lotion for Eruptions of the Skin. Take iodide of potassium, 30 grains avoirdupois; iodine, 15 grains; distilled or soft water, 1 Imperial pint; add only a couple of table-spoonfuls of the water at first, and when by agitation the solids are dissolved, add the remainder. This is the common and best form of ioduretted lotion or wash for ordinary purposes. It is often serviceable in enlarged and indurated glands, itch, etc.. Or: take iodide of potassium, 1 to 2 drachms, and distilled water, 1 pint; dissolve.

1144. Glycerinated Lotion of Iodide of Potassium

1144.    Glycerinated Lotion of Iodide of Potassium. To the last add 1 ounce Price's glycerine. Both are excellent skin-cosmetics, employed like Gowland's lotion particularly for persons with a scrofulous or scorbutic taint, or who are troubled with eruptions, swellings, or indurations arising from it. It is also excellent as a hair-wash. The product of the last formula may be advantageously used instead of hair-oil.