1130. Rose Glycerine Cream

1130.    Rose Glycerine Cream. Spermaceti, 1/2 ounce; oil of sweet almonds, 2 ounces; white wax, 1 ounce; glycerine, 4 ounces: mix the spermaceti, white wax and oil of almonds together first; then add the glycerine and stir the mixture until cool. Perfume with attar of rose.

1131. Snow Cream

1131.    Snow Cream. Melt 3 ounces spermaceti, 2 ounces white wax, and 12 ounces fresh oil of almonds, in a water-bath; pour it into a marble mortar, and stir briskly to prevent granulation; when of the consistence of butter, triturate until the mixture has a white, creamy appearance; then, during continued trituration, add by degrees a mixture of 1 ounce double water of roses and 1 ounce odorless glycerine; incorporate for 20 minutes, and add 10 drops essence of roses; beat for about half an hour, put into pots or jars, and close air-tight.

1132. Fine Camphor Ice

1132.    Fine Camphor Ice. Melt together over a water-bath, white wax and spermaceti, each 1 ounce; camphor, 2 ounces; in sweet almond oil, 1 pound. Next, triturate in the manner directed for amandine, and allow 1 pound of rose-water to flow in slowly during the operation. Then perfume with attar of rosemary, 1 drachm. An inferior and cheaper quantity may be made as follows:

1133. Camphor Ice

1133.    Camphor Ice. Oil of sweet almonds, 2 ounces ; spermaceti, 4 ounces; white wax, 2 ounces; camphor, 1/2 ounce; melt them over a water-bath, run in moulds of proper size and form.

1134. Pate d'Amande au Miel

1134.    Pate d'Amande au Miel. Rub together 1 pound honey and the yolks of 8 eggs; then gradually add sweet almond oil, 1 pound, during constant trituration, and work in bitter almonds - blanched and ground to meal, 8 ounces; finally perfume with attars of bergamot and cloves, each 2 drachms.

1135. Pomade Rosat

1135.    Pomade Rosat. Melt together white wax, 2 ounces; oil of sweet almonds, 4 ounces; alkanet, 3 drachms. Digest for several hours, strain, and add 12 drops attar of rose ; used for the lips.

1136. Cacao Pomade

1136.    Cacao Pomade. Take of cacao butter, oil of almonds, white wax (pure), equal parts; melt them together, and stir until nearly cold. Used as an emollient skin-cosmetic, particularly for chapped lips, hands, etc.. It is sometimes colored with a little palm-oil. Scent may be added at will. It is highly esteemed by some persons as a hair pomade.

1137. Crème de Psyché - for the Lips

1137.   Crème de Psyché - for the Lips. White wax and spermaceti, each 1 ounce; oil of sweet almonds, 5 ounces. Melt together, and pour in Mecca balsam, 1 drachm; and stir until the mass congeals, then add 10 grains powdered acetate of lead.

1138. Lait Virginal

1138.     Lait Virginal. Orange-flower water, 8 ounces; and tincture of benzoin, 2 drachms. The former is added very slowly to the latter during constant trituration, so as to produce an opalescent milky fluid.