1122. Freckle Balsam

1122.    Freckle Balsam. To the balsam of honey prepared as directed in the last receipt, add pure citric acid, 3 drachms. Used to prevent and remove freckles and discolora-tions.

1123. Almond Paste

1123.    Almond Paste. Reduce blanched almonds to a very smooth paste by patiently pounding them in a marble mortar, adding gradually, toward the end, a little rose-water, or orange-flower water, with a few drops of attar of roses or neroli, or a little eau de Cologne, or other perfume, at will. Lastly, put the paste into covered porcelain pots or jars.

1124. Bitter Almond Paste

1124.    Bitter Almond Paste. Take equal parts bitter almonds and sweet almonds; and rose-water, a sufficient quantity; and proceed as before. No scent need be added. Both the preceding are occasionally diversified by the addition of either powdered spermaceti in weight equal to about 1/8 part of that of the almonds, or of 1/2 this weight of white soap. Sometimes the white of an egg is added.

1125. Cold Cream

1125.    Cold Cream. Take 1 ounce avoirdupois each pure white wax and spermaceti, and 1/4 Imperial pint oil of almonds; melt, pour the mixture into a marble or wedg-wood-ware mortar (or a porcelain basin), which has been heated by being immersed for some time in boiling water; add, very gradually, of rose-water, 4 fluid ounces; and assiduously stir the mixture until an emulsion is formed, and afterwards until the whole is very nearly cold, Lastly, put it into porcelain or earthenware pots for use or sale.

1126. Hudson's Cold Cream

1126.    Hudson's Cold Cream. This is prepared in the same way as the above, with the addition of 1 fluid ounce orange-flower water.

1127. Sultana Cold Cream

1127.    Sultana Cold Cream. Take 1/4 ounce avoirdupois each, pure spermaceti and white wax; almond-oil, and butter of cacao, each 1/4 pound; melt, and stir in of balsam of Peru, 2 drachms. After repose, pour off the clear portion, add orange-flower water, 2 Imperial fluid drachms, and stir it briskly until it concretes. Used like cold cream, lip-salve, etc..

1128. Crème de Cathay

1128.    Crème de Cathay. Melt together over a water bath, white wax and spermaceti, each 2 drachms; then add oil of sweet almonds, 4 ounces, and Mecca balsam, 3 drachms; next perfume with rose-water, 6 drachms ; stir until cold.

1129. Glycerine Cream

1129.     Glycerine Cream. This superior cosmetic is the well-known cold-cream, (see

No. 1125), with glycerine substituted for rose-water. Melt together spermaceti, 6 ounces; and white wax, 1 ounce, in 1 pound of sweet almond oil. Then remove from the fire, and stir in Price's glycerine, 4 ounces; and when congealing, perfume with attar of rose, 20 drops. Other attars may be used as desired, in place of rose.