1163. Pomade de Ninon de l'Enclos

1163.    Pomade de Ninon de l'Enclos. Take of oil of almonds, 4 ounces avoirdupois; hog's lard, 3 ounces; spermaceti, 1 ounce; melt, add of expressed juice of house-leek, 3 Imperial fluid ounces, and stir until the mixture solidifies by cooling. A few drops of esprit de rose, or of eau de Cologne, or lavan-de, may be added to scent it at will. Used as a general skin-cosmetic; also for wrinkles and freckles. It is said to bo very softening, cooling, and refreshing.

1164. Pomade de Beauté; Pomade de Venus

1164.    Pomade de Beauté; Pomade de Venus. Take of oil of almonds, 1 pound; spermaceti (pure), 2 ounces; white wax (pure), l1/2 ounces; glycerine (Price's), 1 ounce; balsam of Peru, 1/2 ounce; mix by a gentle heat, and stir the mass until it begins to solidify. It is sold either white, or tinted of a delicate rose or green color. Used both as a hair and skin cosmetic. It forms an elegant substitute for ordinary cold-cream, lip-salve, etc., and is much recommended by the makers for improving the quality and promoting the growth of the hair.

1165. Shaving Paste; Pate pour Faire la Barbe

1165.      Shaving Paste; Pate pour Faire la Barbe. Take of Naples-soap (genuine), 4 ounces; curd-soap (air-dried and powdered), 2 ounces; honey (finest), 1 ounce; essence of ambergris (or essence royale), oil of cassia, oil of nutmeg, of each 10 drops; beat them to a smooth paste with water or eau de rose; and put it into covered pots. (See Nos. 602 (Shaving Cream), etc., and 607.)

1166. Shaving Paste

1166.    Shaving Paste. Take of white soft-soap (see No. 600), 4 ounces; honey-soap (finest, sliced), 2 ounces ; olive-oil, 1 ounce; water, 1 or 2 table-spoonfuls; carbonate of soda, 2 drachms; melt them together, and form a paste, as before, adding a little proof spirit and scent, at will. Some persons melt with the soap about 1 drachm of spermaceti.

1167. Colored Collodion for the Skin

1167.    Colored Collodion for the Skin. 1 ounce collodion, 3 grains each pure annotto and dragon's blood; digest, with agitation, in a stoppered phial, for 24 hours; and, if necessary, decant the clear portion.

1168. Flesh Colored Collodion

1168.     Flesh Colored Collodion. 2 ounces collodion; 1 drachm palm oil; alkanet, 15 grains; digest, etc., as in the last receipt. This dries of a good skin color; but it is not so strong as the product of the preceding formula.

1169. Glycerinized Collodion

1169.    Glycerinized Collodion may be obtained by substituting 2 drachms of glycerine for the palm oil in the preceding receipt. This is exceedingly supple, does not crack or scale off from the skin, and accommodates itself to the motions of the part.

1170. Peruvian, or Red Lip Salve

1170.    Peruvian, or Red Lip Salve. Take of spermaceti ointment, 1/2 pound; alkanet root, 3 or 4 drachms; digest, at a gentle heat, until the first has acquired a rich deep red color, then pass it through a coarse strainer. "When the liquid fat has cooled a little, stir in thoroughly 3 drachms balsam of Peru. In a few minutes pour off the clear portion from the dregs (if any), and add 20 to 30 drops oil of cloves. Lastly, before it cools, pour it into the pots or boxes. The product forms the finest and most esteemed Up salve. 2 or 3 drops of essence of ambergris, or of essence royale, improve and vary it.