Abbreviations are of two kinds; first, those which are used in familiar speech, by which two words are made one as can't for cannot, won't for will not, and those, which are employed in writing only. The Rabbins carried this practice to a great extent ; thus for Rabbi Levi ben Gerson .they took the first letters, R. L. B. G. In the middle the practice of abbreviating increased. in so much that many writings came unintelligible, and in matters of law and government the difficulties thus created demanded prompt legislative interposition ; ordingly, in the fourth year of George II., an act was passed forbidding the use of abbreviations in legal documents. Within a year or two this act was so far modified allowing the use of those of common occurrence, but the old practice was never completely revived. The most important are : -



A.M. Master of Arts. M.I). Medicine Doctor,

Abp. Archbishop. Doctor of Medicine

Bp. Bishop. L.L.D. Legum Doctor,

Bt. Baronet. Doctor of Laws.

B.A. Bachelor of Arts. Messrs. Messieurs,

Att. Gen. (Law) Attor- Masters (Misters) pl.

ney General. of Mr.

Atty. (Law) Attorney. P.M. (Postal) PostA.G. (Military) Adjust- master.

and General. P.M.G. Post Master

A.G. (Official) Account- General.

ing General. Pres. U.S. (Executive)

\.(i. (Law) Attorney President of the UniGeneral. ted

AM. (Civie) Alderman. Pres. U.S.S. PresiD.D. (University De- dent of the United gree) Dicinitatis tea Senate

Doctor, Doctor of Di- Pres. (Official) Presivinity. ident.

Dr. (Various) Doctor. Pro". (Literary) ProfesEsq. or Esqre, Esquire. sor.

Gen. or Genl. (Various) Rt. Rev. or Revd.

General. (Episcopal) Right

. or Govr. (Official) Reverend.

Governor. Sec. or Seey.Secretary.

Lieut. (Naval or Mili- S. of the H.of R.Speak tary) Lieutenant er of the House of

M.A.(r. A.M.) Master Representatives of Arts. S.U.S.N. secretary UniMaj. (Military) Major. ted States Navy. COMMERCIAL.

Or. Creditor. L.-.D. Paunds, ShilDr. Debtor, lings,and Pence. DO.or ditto, the same. A.R.P. Acres, Roods, No. Number.

Fo.Folio. Cwt.Qr. 1b. Oz. Hun4to. Quarto. dredweights,Quaters,

8vo. Octavo. Pounds, and Ounces



A.D. the year of our N.S. New Style (after

Lord. the year 1752).

A.M. the year of the O.S. Old Style (before world. 1762).

before noon. Nem. con. without conB.C. before Christ. tradiction.

i.e. that is to say. .P.M.Afternoon. erooon.

ib. in the same place. P. Postscript., ult. the last mounth.

M.C. (Legislative) viz.

Member of Congress. F.D. Defender of the

MS. Manuscript. faith.

N.L". Observe. D.G.By the grace of God.

* from "CouRTeney's Dictionary of 8000 Abbreviations:Dick & Fitzgerald, Price 13ots.