Lightning. To avoid accidents from lightning during a thunder-storm, sit or stand as near the middle of the room as possible. Avoid going near the windows walls, and put knives, scissors, and all kinds of steel utensils out of the way. Avoid standing near pipes, iron-railings, and met . 3, and if caught in a Storm in the country, do not shelter yourself by any ns under trees. On a wide and open' heath, where no house shelter can be obtained, the safest plan is to lie down flat on the earth.

Stroke of Lightning. Throw cold water upon a person struck by lightning. It lid to be of very great benefit, if not a positive cure.

Lightning-Conductors should be made of copper, or preferably of iron; if of the Latter metal, the pointed extremity should be gilded to prevent rust: they "should be of icient diameter; should project some feet above the highest point of the. building, and sink some feet into the group, till they meet with moisture; and should be per-fcctly insulated from the building they are designed to protect, by being made to pass through glass rings wherever they come in contact with it.

Lightning 22