Deaf (Axioms For The). 1. Never syringe your ears, nor allow it to be done by others, unless for the removal of an accumulation of wax. 2. Be sure that such accumulation forms an obstacle to the transmission of sound, otherwise it had better remain where it is; for it should always be borne in mind that the wax is a natural secretion, placed in the passage of the ear for a specific purpose. Its presence, in moderate quantity, indicates a healthy condition of the outer passages of the ear. Its absence is the effect, and not, as is generally supposed, the cause of the disease which, produces the deafness. Like deafness, the want of wax is only a symptom of ear disease; hence the absurdity of attempting its restoration by stimulating drops and ointments. 3. Never pick the ears. 4. Never wet the hair, nor wash the hair with cold water - a most pernicious practice. 5. Never bathe, or use a shower-bath, without carefully protecting the head and ears; even then I question its propriety. 6 Never attempt to stop a discharge from the ears, but under proper advice ; for it may be that the drum of your ear is open, and then the employment of a stimulating or astringent injection will risk some fatal consequence. 7.Never apply, nor suffer to be applied, anything to the outer passages of the ears, which causes heat or pain. Such applications may prove of temporary benefit, but when the stimulus has subsided you will be left worse than before. 8. Be strict in diet. Stomachic derangements are a most prolific cause of deafness. 9. Never expose yourself to wet or wintry weather. 10. Never consult an aurist, who is not an educated and diplomatised surgeon, and who does not admit that deafness is an infirmity, often difficult of removal, and, very often, incurable.