Billion. This is a million times a million, which no one is able to count, however easy it may be to write it. You can count 160 or 170 a minute, but let us even suppose that you go so far as 200 in a minute, then an hour will produce 12,000 ; a day, 288,000; and a year, or 365 days (for every four years you may rest a day from counting, during leap year), 105,120,000. Supposing that Adam, at the beginning of his existence, had begun to count, had continued to do so, and was counting still, he would not, even now, according to the usually supposed age of our glebe, have counted nearly enough For, to count a billion, he would require 9,512 years, 34 days, 5 hours, and 20 minutes, according to the above rule.