Horse. An animal, whose generic character is six front teeth in each jaw, with canine teeth on each side, remote from the rest, with undivided hoofs. There are six species, among which, besides the common horse, is a native of the middle regions of Asia, wild, and uncommonly swift. The other species are the ass, the zebra, the quagga, and the cloven-footed horse of South America. In England, we have many breeds, and the best in the world ; but Arabian and Barbary horses are deservedly esteemed for their beauty and swiftness. English race-horses run two miles in three minutes; hunters are another class, combining strength with swiftness. Several counties have their breeds of draught horses, and the black Bakewell breed will draw three tons, or double the regular draught. The age of a horse is determined by the corner front teeth, adjoining the tushes; at four and a-half years these teeth are just visible above the gum ; at five, the remaining colts' teeth are shed, and the tushes appear; at six, the tushes are up, white, and sharp, with a small circle of young growing flesh, the mouth being then complete.