Bruises And Their Treatment.

The best application for a bruise, be it large of small, is moist warmth ; therefore, a warm bread-and-water poultice in hot moist flannels should be put on, as they supple the skin If the bruise be very severe, and in the neighbourhood of a joint, it will be well to apply ten or a dozen leeches over the whole bruised part, and afterwards a poultice. But leeches should not be put on young children. If the bruised part be the knee or the ankle, walking should not be attempted till it can be performed without pain. Inattention to this point often lays the foundation for serious mischief in these joints, especially in the case of scrofulous persons. Some consider that Tincture of Arnica is the best cure for bruises and contusions: a few drops are to be dropped into a wineglassful of water, and the part affected bathed often with a piece of soft cambric. Caution is necessary not to make the dilution too strong, as in that case an eruption might arise on the skin, and the prevention might become worse than the cure.