Burns And Scalds. Dissolve in boiling water as much Epsom salts as they will take up. Let it get cool, bottle off, and keep in readiness for use. It will be well to label the bottle - " Solution for Scalds and Bums." When an accident of this kind occurs, wet a cloth with this solution, and place it on the scalded (or burned) place. Do not remove the cloth when the moisture is exhausted, but keep it wet while still on. Continue this treatment for four or five hours ; and if the accident is not very severe, a cure will then be effected. It is of the utmost value, however, in the severest cases. - Or, mix one part of lime-water with two parts of oil, and stir round quickly with the hand. Soap a piece of linen thoroughly in this, then wring it out lightly and wrap round the part injured. No cold application should ever be applied. - A little spirit of turpentine applied to recent burns will mitigate the pain, if not wholly remove it. - Apply black ink.