Chess. The game of chess is played by two per-sons upon a board which square, divided into sixty-four smaller squares One-half of these sixty-four squares is coloured white; the other half black. The two players sit opposite each other, with the board between them ; and care must be taken that a white comer square be at the right-hand of each player. When the board is thus placed, the horizontal straight lines, running from right to left, are termed ranks ; the perpendicular ones, running from one player to the other, are called files ; the oblique ranges, of which the two principal ones run from one corner of the board to the opposite one, - one on white, the other on black squares, - and the other adjoining, are named dia-gonals.

The names of the eight pieces are as follows : - King, Queen, two Rooks or Castles, two Bishops, and two Knights. These are placed in the first rank of each player's side of the board, the Pawns being placed before them in the second rank. The pieces are arranged in the following manner: - In each corner square stands a Rook, or Castle, next to these a Knight, a Bishop, and the two middle or centre squares are occupied by King and Queen, so that the White King always stands on a black square, and the Black King on a white square, the Queen standing on a square of her own colour, ina servat colorem. The diagram represents the board and men, neither side having made a move yet.


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