Flowers (Classes Of). Flowers are commonly classed as bulbs, tubers, herbaceous perennials, biennials, and annuals. The first are chiefly, as well as a few of the tubers, spring flowers, and of course require to be planted in prepared beds, boxes, or pots, in the autumn, sooner or later, according to the place or purpose for which the flowers are wanted. Tulips, hyacinths, polyanthus-narcissus, are the principal bulbs ; and together with crown-imperials, gladiolas, crocuses, snow-drops, 6cillas, <S:c, are all planted in autumn, sooner or later, according to the option or judgment of the manager. Of tubers, the anemone and ranunculus are the chief of the bed flowers; and when a succession of these are wished for, the tubers may be put into the ground at the end of every two months, which will bring their blossoms at corresponding intervals.