Hyacinth, Or Jacinth. A precious stone, so called from its resemblance to the purple flower named hyacinth, or the violet, which is usually of a deep reddish yellow, approaching a flame colour, or the deepest amber. There are four sorts of hyacinths, distinguished by their colour; they are also distinguished into oriental and occidental. The oriental comes from Calicut and Cambaya, and is equal in hardness to the oriental amethyst. The occidental is found in Bohemia and Portugal, and is somewhat softer. The stone graves or cuts fine, and would be more used for seals but that the graving frequently costs more than the stone. The ancients used it for amulets and talismans, and bore it about their necks, or set in rings, etc, supposing it to have the virtue of securing them from the plague. Hyacinth consists of 70 zircon, 35 silex, 2 oxide of iron and some loss in 100 parts. It loses its colour but not its transparency in the fire.