Fire. The following are among the best Precautions in Cases of Fire. 1. Should a fire break out, send off to the nearest engine or police station. 2. Fill buckets with water, carry them as near the tire as possible, dip a mop into the water, and throw it in showers on the fire until assistance arrives. 3. If a fire is violent, wet a blanket and throw it on the part in flames. 4. Should a fire break out in a chimney, a blanket wetted should be nailed to the upper-end of the mantel-piece, so as to cover the opening entirely, the fire will then go out of itself; for this purpose, two knobs should be permanently fixed in the upper ends of the mantel-piece, upon which the blanket may be hitched. 5. Should the bed or window-curtains be on fire, lay hold of any woollen garment, and beat it on to the flames until extinguished. 6. Avoid as much as possible leaving any door or window open in the room where the fire has broken out, as the current of air increases the force of the fire. 7. Should the staircase be burning so as to cut off all communication, endeavour to escape by means of a trap-door in the roof, a ladder leading to which should always be at hand. 8. Avoid hurry and confusion. 9. In case a lady's dress takes fire, she should endeavour to roll herself in a rug, carpet, or the first woollen garment she meets with. 10. A solution of pearlash in water, thrown upon a fire, extinguishes it instantly; the proportion is a quarter of a pound dissolved in some hot water, and then poured into a bucket of common water.

Fire 25