Clocks And Watches. The genius of the Germans appeared in the invention and improvement of many mechanical arts, especially clock-work. They have exceeded all the world in the contrivance of variety of motions, to show, not only the course of the hours and minutes, but even of the sun, moon, and stars ; wherefore the clocks at Strasburg, Prague, and many other places all over Germany, are sufficient instances. Clock-makers were first introduced into England in 1368, when Edward III. granted a licence for three artists to come over from Delft, in Holland, and practise their occupation in this country It was in the year 1577 that pocket-watches were first brought from Germany. The Emperor Charles V. had a watch set as the jewel of his ring; and in the Elector of Saxony's stables is to be seen a clock in the pommel of his saddle. Charles I. had a ring-dial, made by Delamaine, a mathematician, which that monarch valued so much, that, on the morning before he was beheaded, he ordered it to be given to the Duke of York, with a book showing its use. (See p. 179.)