Disinfecting Liquid. In a wine bottle of cold water dissolve two ounces of acetate of lead, (sugar of lead;) and then add two (fluid) ounces of strong nitric acid (aquafortis). Shake the mixture, and it will be ready for use. A very small quantity of the liquid in its strongest form should be used for cleansing all kinds of chamber utensils. For removing offensive odours, clean cloths thoroughly moistened with the liquid, diluted with eight or ten parts of water, should be suspended at various parts of the room. In this case the offensive and deleterious gases are neutralized by chemical action. Fumigation in the usual way is only the substitution of one odour for another. In using the above or any other disinfectant, let it never be forgotten that fresh air, and plenty of it, is cheaper and more effective than any other material.