Cribbage (Six-Card). Six-card cribbage bears so great a resemblance to five-card, that any one playing the - one well must play the other equally so. It consists if pairs, fifteens, sequences, flushes, etc. ; and the points are reckoned and marked precisely in the same manner; all the cards must be played out; that is, when either party has made the end hole, the remaining cards in hand must be played, scoring for the pairs or fifteens they may form. When last player, you should endeavour to retain close cards in hand, as they may enable you to acquire four points in playing.

The dealer is supposed to have some some trifling advantage.

The dealer is entitled to expect twenty-five points by his hand, crib, and next hand. Thus at his 6eeond deal, if his peg is in the twenty-fifth hole of the board, he has his complement of points; the same at his third deal, if he is within eleven points of the game.

If the non-dealer by his first hand attains the eleventh hole in the board, he will have the best of the game ; for he is entitled to expect that he shall make his second deal with his front peg in the thirty-sixth hole, and by which probably he will win the game by his hand, crib, and next hand.

If you are dealer, and your adversary has above his complement of points, you must play your game accordingly. Thus, if you have good cards, try to make as many points as possible by pairing, fifteens, etc. On the contrary, if your cards are indifferent, you must play off, to prevent your adversary from obtaining points.